Welcome to 860 Baseball. As our new site is still in the construction process, you'll be able to find all of our information right here at 860baseball.com. Thank you for your patience.

"Where the Season Never Ends…"

Our Mission:

To provide the best, indoor training facility in the country for all ages and abilities in a professional, competitive, fun environment.


Monday - Friday
2:00 PM - 9:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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Our Personnel

The teaching staff at 860 Baseball are selected instructors who possess both the knowledge and passion to elevate every athlete's ability to become the best he or she can be. Our instructors are comprised of present and former players and coaches from the high school, collegiate, and professional levels, who adhere closely to the step-by-step process of developing players. We believe that every player has unique, individual athletic movements that must be groomed to cater to that player’s abilities The staff at 860 Baseball is trained to bring out the best in each individual through drills, lectures, demonstrations and following a professional curriculum that will have every player on the correct path to success in all areas of the game. We pride ourselves on having "competitive fun" at 860 Baseball as athletes can only get the best out of their abilities when they ENJOY what they are doing. Again, welcome to the best training facility in the country!

Our Facilities

860 Baseball's 15,000-sq.ft. facility offers everything a baseball/softball player needs to hit the next evolution of their game:

  • 6, 70-foot long cages
  • 3, 35-foot short cages
  • 1, 50-foot Cage
  • 8 pitching mounds
  • 2 Iron Mike pitching machines
  • 2 Hack Attack pitching machines (High School)
  • 2 Junior Hack Attack pitching machines (Little League)
  • 2 Softball Hack Attack pitching machines
  • Real Baseballs
  • Workout Training Area (agility training/arm band stations)
  • Multi-Sport Training Areas
  • 20-foot ceilings with brilliant lighting
  • 4 Large Screen TV's
  • Sitting Lounge and Free Wi-fi
  • Vending Machines throughout facility
  • Birthday Party & Game Room