High School Development Programs

For those training to play baseball in college and beyond, high school is an essential time to develop skills and train – both mentally and physically. Many of the student athletes who take time to do so, especially in the off season, are more likely to be noticed by scouts, and chosen for starting lineups of prestigious collegiate and university teams.

To help achieve this outcome, 860 Baseball offers off-season training for entire high school teams, as well as individuals. Individuals who join the high school development program are placed on a team with other individuals so they can work out together. Establishing this team dynamic, even for individual players, is most effective for overall development and an effective part of our program

Individual Training in Team Format (PDF)




Our Individual Training program (28 sessions) is perfect for players who simply want to receive training from 860 Baseball's Instructors throughout the entire offseason. The individual training program focuses on combining baseball skills, such as pitching, catching, and throwing, with strength and conditioning for a higher level of play.

Our individual and team training program is designed to improve:

  • Baseball Fundamentals
  • First Step Quickness
  • Proper Running Technique
  • Core Strength
  • Lateral Movement
  • Strength And Power
  • Leg/Rotator Cuff Strength
  • Team Perseverance
  • And More…

For more information about 860 Baseball's High School Programs, please call us at 860-527-2489.