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Velocity Development

Brian Hunter's Velocity Development Program

Cincinnati Red’s minor league pitcher shows what it takes to build elite arm strength while maintaining pristine health in this 8 week program. The program is for all positions ages 12 and up. We will meet twice per week (one arm strength day and one recovery/ patterning day). Group 1 runs from October 29th - December 20th and Group 2 runs from January 7th - February 28th (Mondays and Thursdays).




The purpose of this program is to utilize a 8 week period to optimize players throwing movements as well as teach each player what is required of them to become an elite player. We will assess strength, mobility, stability, mechanics of each player and utilize the program accordingly. We will establish pre-throwing routines as well as proper recovery techniques/ exercises to avoid injury and create a solid foundation for more arm strength. The first 4 weeks will be used as a build-up to allow the players time to get into adequate throwing shape. The final 4 weeks will be the arm strength development period where throwing will be of higher intensity. Players will be required to throw on their own at least two more times per week during the program. All positions welcome.


  • Dynamic warmup routine
  • Mobility/stability routine
  • Arm strengthening
  • Movement patterning
  • Weighted ball program
  • Video analysis
  • Post-throw recovery routine
  • Bridge throwing program to get players ready for their season once the program is complete
  • Strength and conditioning advice
  • Nutritional advice


Brian Hunter is a pitcher in the Cincinnati Reds organization who was drafted in the 9th round out of the University of Hartford in 2014. He has had good success in his years with the Reds sporting a career 2.42 ERA while striking out 118 batters in 104 innings. While at UHart Brian studied pre-physical therapy and had began his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree before being drafted in June. He uses his background in biomechanics to help optimize performance but also maintain total body health.


Group 2: January 7th - February 28th 6:00pm - 7:30pm (ages 12 & up) ONLY 8 SLOT REMAINING
Group 2: January 7th - February 28th 7:30pm - 9:00pm (ages 14 & up) SOLD OUT

8 weeks, 16 total sessions = $499